Top 5 Decaf Teas Out Of The Many I’ve Tried In Japan


Decaffeinated Tea

If you are pregnant or have a limited caffeine intake, all drinks with caffeine should be avoided. Drinks containing caffeine include coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

Above them, I love tea. I can live without coffee and energy drinks, but tea is essential.

Since I got pregnant, I switched to decaffeinated tea and tried many kinds of tea available in Japan. Many decaf teas lack the distinctive astringency and aroma of black tea. Among them, I have found teas that have a hint of aroma and astringency. I’ll introduce the best 5 teas.


NO.5 Lipton Decaffeinated Tea

This decaffeinated black tea is sold by Lipton, which is such a staple in everyday use. The tea uses 100% Dimbula tea leaves and is characterized by its rich aroma and moderate astringency.
The taste of the tea is brought out by the pyramid-shaped tea bag, which allows the tea leaves to flow through easily.

  • 0.00 g caffeine per cup (over 90% decaffeination)
  • Ingredients: black tea (Dimbula), fragrance
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Typical Price: 469 yen (20 tea bags)


This is a decaffeinated black tea produced by TWININGS, a long-established English tea brand. The appeal of this product is that you can enjoy the refreshing aroma and taste of Earl Grey, a typical blend derived from the Earl of England, at home.

  • 0.00 g caffeine per cup (over 90% decaffeination)
  • Ingredients: black tea, fragrance
  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • Typical Price: 534 yen (20 tea bags)

NO.3 AHMAD TEA Earl Gray Decaffeinated

This decaf Earl Grey tea is sold by the British tea brand Ahmad Tea. The tea leaves are selected by skilled tea tasters. The decaffeination process uses carbon dioxide to remove caffeine without the use of chemicals, which prevents the tea’s flavor and bergamot aroma from being compromised.

  • Caffeine removal rate of 96% or higher
  • Ingredients: black tea, fragrance (bergamot)
  • Country of Origin: UAE
  • Typical Price: 459 yen (20 tea bags)

NO.2 無印 (MUJI) Caffeine Less Earl Gray

This Muji Earl Grey has a stronger aroma than other decaffeinated Earl Grey. It tastes especially good when served crisp and cold as an iced tea.

  • Over 90% of decaffeination
  • Ingredients: black tea, fragrance
  • Typical Price: 390 yen (10 tea bags)

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NO.1 日東紅茶(Nitto Koucha) Caffeine Less Earl Gray

It was the most aromatic and astringent decaffeinated black tea I have tried. No chemicals are used for decaffeination and no metals are used for tea bags, respectively. Because it is something you want to drink every day, this tea is perfect for those who want to keep the price low but focus on quality.

  • 0.008 g caffeine per cup (over 90% decaffeination)
  • Ingredients: black tea, fragrance
  • Country of Origin: Malawi
  • Typical Price: 413 yen (20 tea bags)

Thank you for reading! Hope you find your favorite tea too!

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